Six Schools in Six Communities in Six Years

Since its modest beginnings The Kipungani Schools Trust has gone on to build six schools in six communities in six years.

Schools colour School year Project Number of pupils Cost
Kipungani school colours 2001 Kipungani 104 16,000
Mungano school colours 2002 Mungano 167 21,000
Marikebuni school colours 2003 Marikebuni 600 30,000
Mutandoni school colours 2004 Mutandoni 366 27,000
Adu school colours 2005 Adu 1,400 60,000
Teiwa school colours 2006 Teiwa 256 23,000
Ramada school colours 2007 Ramada 900 (est.) 40,000

Mary Jo and Louis van Aardt

None of this would have been possible without Mary Jo van Aardt and her husband Louis who have spent all their lives in Africa. Full of the practical kindness and integrity that Africa so badly needs, Mary Jo has been a very effective project manager for all six schools. She oversees The Kipungani Schools Trust in Kenya with rigor and transparency, ensuring that all the projects are completed successfully, within budget and most importantly are free from corruption and bribery, the bane of African society. Mary-Jo only employs local builders and craftsmen, and wherever possible sources the building materials locally as well. With all of the trusts projects she has persuaded parents and local people to volunteer. The result is that although the schools often take longer to complete they are completed at a far lower cost and with far greater benefit to the local community.