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This page is under development, but in the meantime here is a letter from Ali Bakari, the Chief of Matandoni region on Lamu, where the Kipungani Schools Trust's fourth school was built.

5th July 2005

Dear Mama Georgina and Mama Cas

Re: Appreciation

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely express my utmost appreciation to you for assisting our school in the building of the school roof, the sinking of a well and the paying of salaries to two of the school teachers.

All these will go along way in promoting a conducive teaching-learning environment at the school and incidents of pupils fainting due to heat and noises during rainfall will be things of the past.

I would like to forward our request to you to pay us a courtesy call as pupils, parents and the whole community would like to convey their appreciation and thank you in person.

At this juncture we would also like to thank Mama Mary Jo for her unconditional support in the whole process. Her trustworthyness and dedication in seeing the project is a success need not be over emphasized, and to her we also say many thanks.

We appeal to you once again to continue supporting us and to see that all projects you have promised us are implemented in as short time as possible.

On my behalf and that of the local administration and that of Matondoni residents I would like to wish you all the best in whatever you do, May ALLAH bless you both and your families, Ameen.

Yours Faithfully

Ali Bakari
Chief Matandoni Location
Cc DC Lamu
DO Amu division
DEO Lamu